Questions and Answers

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the combination of Hydroponics, or the growing of plants without soil in a recirculating water system with Aquaculture, the raising of fish.  The benefit of Aquaponics is that the fish provide the nutrients that the plants need to thrive without chemical fertilizers and the plants clean the water for the fish 

Does that mean the veggies taste like fish?

No, only the roots come in contact with the water, and even that water goes through a few filtration steps before it is circulated through to the plants. If your garden raised tomatoes don't taste like the cow manure that you use to fertilize them, our veggies won't be fishy either.

Is Aquaponics a new idea?

No, Aquaponics has been around in some form for quite some time.  The Aztecs used fish water to irrigate crops, and it is common practice in many Asian countries to raise fish in rice paddy fields.  The newer change to this practice is to remove the soil and recirculate the water.